About the book

About Putting Jesus in His Place

What Christians have affirmed for nearly two millennia—that Jesus is God—is frequently and openly called into question today. It’s natural that those who reject the Bible also reject its exalted view of Christ. But surprisingly, many who embrace the authority of Scripture are quick to argue that Jesus’ deity is found nowhere in its pages.

Putting Jesus in His Place demonstrates that the New Testament—from beginning to end—clearly reveals Jesus’ divine identity. What’s more, it shows that belief in Jesus as God was the conviction of his original Jewish followers, rooted in Old Testament theology and in what Jesus himself said and did.

In a manner that is both academically sound and spiritually engaging, the authors make a case for the deity of Christ that is easy to follow and hard to forget.

Features & Benefits

  • Uses the innovative HANDS acronym to memorably capture the breadth of New Testament teaching on the deity of Christ.
  • Employs a clear, understandable, and winsome writing style.
  • Defends the reality of Jesus’ divinity and demonstrates its relevance to the Christian life.
  • Includes more than 20 tables and charts to help readers see the big picture.
  • Provides extensive documentation of up-to-date research in a wealth of endnotes.
  • Contains a full Scripture index for easy reference.
  • Draws on the authors’ experience teaching the deity of Christ in a variety of settings, including colleges, seminaries, and churches.  
  • Ideal for motivated laypersons, students, and ministry professionals alike.

Product Details

  • Publisher: Kregel Publications
  • Date: September 2007
  • Format: Paperback
  • Length: 400 pages
  • Dimensions: 6 x 9 inches
  • ISBN: 978-0-8254-2983-5